How and Why 

June 24 > 28, 2019

5 days tuition

30 hours

12 places are available for each workshops.

Teaching is conducted in English and students are expected to have a working knowledge of the language.

Below 50% of participants the course is canceled.

Payment in 2 installments: 50% upon registration, 50% the following month.

Tax included


June 24 > 28, 2019 - 5 days tuition - 30 hours

How and Why




Location: Paris Academy of Art – 78, rue Raspail – 92270 Bois-Colombes - France

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Medium: Oil on canvas or panel

Class size: 8 to 12 students

Language: English

Schedule: 9 am > 12 am / 1 pm > 4 pm




This workshop, hosted by artist Travis Schlaht and artist/art historian Tony Mastromatteo, at the Paris Academy of Art will challenge the participant to enhance his or her technical knowledge in service of developing his or her vision as a Realist painter.  This vision will be made concrete in relationship to discussions that will precede each day’s painting session.  Throughout the week participants will receive individual advice and be introduced to specific concepts dependent on his or her artistic goals. 

Each day will begin with a lecture focusing on one of the the innumerable paintings found in the collections and museums across Paris.  Participants will be encouraged to visit the museums and unique works before and throughout the five day session, and bring back those experiences, as to contribute to the daily dialogue and to the daily painting practice.  

The class will focus on techniques and concepts relating to the still life and the live model.  Participants will have a minimum of five working hours each day.  Individual instruction and demonstrations will be preformed by the instructors throughout the day.






Travis Schlaht

He was born in 1975 in North Dakota, USA. As a figurative painter who cultivates restraint, his work is recognized and appreciated by a broad international artistic community.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the Pacific, in Stockton, California in 1997, he moved to New York to further his knowledge of academic art, joining Jacob Collins' Water Street Atelier. His artistic investigations and growing technical mastery led him to devoting himself exclusively to painting. Gifted with superb drawing skills, Travis Schlaht has mastered the art of portraits, landscapes and still life. He instills grace to each of his subjects using powerful, subtle lines. Never stiff, his paintings reflect tremendous spontaneity through vivacious touches of color and dexterity, while imparting a sense of incompleteness. Jostled by concise power, his contour lines project his subjects from the canvas, imparting them with life and substance. 

Yet Travis Schlaht does not let himself be distracted by technical prowess, instead partaking in a constant need to share with the world that surrounds him. Whether he focuses on a model, an object or a landscape, he is able to capture the essence of his environment with rare insight. His brush strokes are devoted to a world of emotion, becoming extensions of feelings. His work echoes our inner world and buried emotions. 

Travis Schlaht's work is represented by several galleries throughout the United States and has integrated many private and institutional collections around the world. 

He works between New York and Paris, where he lives with his wife Kate Lehman and their two children.


Anthony Mastromatteo

The arts have been an integral part of Anthony Mastromatteo’s life for over 25 years.  A Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Princeton University in 1992 led to a five year position at Christie’s auction house in New York City in the American Paintings, 19thCentury Paintings and Maritime Paintings and Objects departments.  As his exposure to the art world expanded he began studying the practice of art after work at the Art Student’s League in New York City.  In 1997 he made the transition to full-time art study at the Water Street Atelier, a school of art practice based on the methodology of the French Academy and the French atelier system of the 18thand 19thcenturies, under the tutelage of Jacob Collins.  In 2002 he finished his studies and made the transition to working as a professional artist.  He has worked solely as an artist since that time.  He currently has representation with galleries in New York City, Los Angeles and Cleveland.

Anthony currently resides with his wife and daughter, Stella and Alba, in Akron, Ohio.  






Our goal is to introduced a lot of new information and ideas throughout the week and thus recommend everyone have a notebook and something to write with. 

As far as painting, everyone should bring at least 3 panels or canvases.  I recommend two panels or canvas in the 12 inches x 12 in.  (30cm x 30cm) and another a bit larger, approximately 25in x 25in (60cm x 60cm).

Vine charcoal 

Brushes in various sizes 

Solvent and container (small glass jar will work) for cleaning brushes


Paint ..... you are welcome to use the colors you are most comfortable or most familiar with. 

I will list the colors I work with but it is not necessary to have them all.  

Flake or lead white
Naples yellow
Lemon yellow
Yellow ochre 
Raw sienna 
Cadmium orange 
Cadmium red
Burnt sienna 
Alizarin crimson 
Ultramarine blue
Violet grey
Sap green
Burnt umber 
Ivory black


What's included 

Five days of tuition, end of workshop aperitif.


What's no included

Materials and accomodation.



The Paris Academy of Art is an approved atelier by the Art Renewal Center


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June 24 > 28, 2019
78 rue Raspail - 92270 Bois-Colombes
5 days
9am to 12pm - 1pm to 4pm
12 places
How and Why