July 15 > August 2, 2019

3 weeks tuition

90 hours


12 places are available.

Teaching is conducted in English and students are expected to have a working knowledge of the language.

Below 50% of participants the course is canceled.

The accommodation is not included.

Payment in 2 installments: 50% upon registration, 50% the following month.

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Summer school 2019

July15 > August 2, 2019

3 weeks tuition

90 hours




Location: Paris Academy of Art – 78, rue Raspail – 92270 Bois-Colombes - France

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Medium: Graphit drawing and Oil on canvas or panel

Class size: 8 to 12 students

Language: English

Schedule: 1 pm > 4 pm / 5 pm > 8 pm




This six-week course is designed to teach artists of all levels the foundations of drawing and painting with an emphasis on creating the illusion of 3D form. This will be achieved through the time-honored tradition of drawing from plaster casts as well as long pose portrait and figure drawing—essential exercises for training the eye to see accurately. Participants can either choose to take this course for three or six weeks. The second three weeks is built upon the first three weeks.  

The first three weeks will be exclusively drawing. Students will draw a plaster cast in the morning and a live model in the afternoon. The first week will begin with short figure poses that focus on accurate block-ins, moving into a long figure pose that consists of two weeks. 

In the second three weeks, students will do cast painting in grisaille (grey scale) in the morning. The afternoons will begin with one week of portraiture, followed by a two-week long pose figure with the option of painting in grisaille or using toned paper with white chalk.  

The process we will be using is the “window shading” method—rendering one section at a time to completion. The drawing will begin with the standard “block-in” done on paper to establish a strong gesture, accurate likeness, and proportion in a linear mode with attention to anatomical points. After, we will move into modeling form through understanding of the light source. Basic anatomy, materials, comparative measuring, light and form will be discussed throughout the course. 

All levels welcome!


Week 1 / AM

Day 1: Block-in 

Day 2: Sphere rendering 

Days 3/4/5: Cast drawing

Week 1 / PM

Days 1/2: Bargue Drawing

Days 3/4/5: 1 Day Block-ins


Week 2 / AM

Cast Drawing

Week 2 / PM

Figure Long Pose


Week 3 / AM

Cast Drawing

(Master Copies if finished)

Week 3 / PM

Figure Long Pose Cont.


Week 4 / AM

Days 1/2: Skull drawing

Days 3/4/5: Begin cast drawing or painting

Week 4 / PM

Portrait Drawing


Week 5 / AM

Cast Drawing/Painting

Week 5 / PM

Figure Long Pose

(Option for grisaille or toned paper)


Week 6 / AM

Cast Drawing/Painting

Week 6 / PM

Figure Long Pose Cont.






Mackenzie Swenson (weeks 1-2-3)

Mackenzie Lynne Swenson (b. 1992) is a Wisconsinite by nature and a New Yorker by necessity. She has been in pursuit of methods and patterns since childhood. Upon graduating from high school in 2010 this mindset led her to seek out Atelier training. Mackenzie graduated in 2014 from The Atelier in Minneapolis, MN. This was followed by 4 years of intensive study at the Grand Central Atelier in New York City where Mackenzie graduated in the spring of 2018.

Mackenzie has exhibited across the US, is a 2015 Hudson River Fellow and a 2017 La Napoule Art Foundation Fellow. She is a three-time winner of the Art Renewal Center Scholarship Contest and the recipient of many other awards and scholarships including those from the Alice M. Stolpe Foundation, the Grand Central Atelier, and the Morris and Alma Shapiro Fund.


Savannah Tate Cuff (weeks 4-3-6)

Savannah Tate Cuff (b. 1993) is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy in 2014. She graduated from Grand Central Atelier in 2018 and is currently a resident artist at GCA. Savannah participated in the Hudson River Fellowship, received the La Napoule Art Foundation Residency in France, and is a three time winner of the ARC Scholarship. In 2016, she received first place in the Figure Drawing Competition at Grand Central Atelier.




For drawing:

- Paper: Strathmore 400 series recommended, Optional but encouraged: one or two pieces of Fabriano Artistico Hot Press 140 lb

- Graphite Pencils 2H, HB, B (Tombow brand recommended)

- Razor for Sharpening

- Sand Paper for Sharpening

- Kneaded Eraser

- Pen Eraser (Tombow MONO Zero Recommended)

- Measuring Needle (knitting needle, skewer, etc)

- Plumb Line (string with a weighted end)

For transferring :

- Tape

- Charcoal powder (or raw umber paint) 

- Micron Technical pen Ball point pen

- Brush


Painting (Grisaille):

- Michael Harding Raw Umber 

- Michael Harding Crimnitz White or Titanium White

- Brushes (make sure to have a variety of sizes, including very small pointed rounds)

- Wooden Palette

- Palette Knife

- Paper Towels or rags

- Gamsol with proper container 

- Cold Pressed Linseed Oil



What's included 

3 weeks of tuition

What's not included

Materials and accomodation.



The Paris Academy of Art is an approved atelier by the Art Renewal Center


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July 15 > August 2, 2019
78 rue Raspail - 92270 Bois-Colombes
3 weeks
1 pm > 4 pm / 5 pm > 8 pm
12 places
3 weeks